SWISS is an Islamic educational experience that provides a “rooted” religious education, based on set of foundational subjects taught using different teaching methodologies used by credentialed educators, media experiences, live interactions and gauged by assessments to provide accountability & a measure of growth to the participants.

Our goal is to produce educated, contextual, passionate invigorated Muslims, equipping them with foundational knowledge, packaged in a way that inspires, and encourages critical thought & growth.

What is SWISS

SWISS, Suhaib Webb Institute of Sacred Sciences is an Online Islamic Educational Experience utilizing multiple teaching methods in a Structured Curriculum to Build Islamic Literacy.

All of our Courses & Subject Matter will be included in this inclusive Subscription Plan.

  • Online Instruction


    While SWISS sticks to established, orthodox, normative texts and uses professional trained educators, with a competent background in religious studies, its main concern is the one-sided state of Islamic education rooted in an active teacher - the provider, and a muted pupil - the listener.

    By injecting ideas and concerns of the student into our curriculum, we hope to bring Islamic studies alive in a way that is rooted, relevant and, often, student led, instead of one sided, authority based and irrelevant.

  • Evaluation

    Instructor Feedback

    Through standard evaluation measurements like quizzes and exams, as well as more innovative ones, like online groups discussions, and person to person engagements and retreats, SWISS doesn’t just leave you wondering, “What have I learned.” but helps you as you struggle to bring you spiritual life in harmony with your professional life and social life.

  • Literacy and Functionality

    Functional Religious Literacy

    SWISS is not going to make you a scholar, the next “savior of the umma” or an Imām.

    Our target is functional literacy, meaning the what you learn is applicable to your life. That, unlike it sounds, is much harder than people realize. We’ve listened to people and understood:

    “We are tired of platitudes or educational experience that mask hidden agendas or that make unmeasurable promises of glory. Remember this word: Functional religious literacy.